We are always looking for permanent and foster homes for our fur babies. If you are interested please contact us today!   

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Take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.  We are not just about saving animals but giving to the community.  If you find yourself struggling with your fur baby please contact us.  We may be able to help.

Our History

We are a group of middle aged women who have been saving animals since we could walk. In the early years it might have only been scooping the tadpoles out of a drying puddle; fast forward to our young adult years when the ex said, “it is me or the _______(pick the animal) and our immediate response was “well, see ya”. 

So we remained focused on our kidz (spelled that way because our animals are our children). We strive to rescue and make homes for every living being; whether it is a horse, goat, chicken, turtle, bunny, etc. No animal should go unloved. 

Our Mission

We believe we have the power to impact the world. Paws, Hooves and Halos rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes any animals in need. Our goal is to nurture these animals back to health, physically and emotionally, to give them their second chance with loving, caring and forever homes. 

We are no strangers to multitasking, along with rescuing, we would also like to:

-Help the community keep their pets during this pandemic by providing pet food. 

Set up an inexpensive spay & neuter program.

-Offer heartworm prevention at affordable cost.

If you or a loved one are in need of these services please TEXT Laura at 407-276-6937.

Who We Are

As individuals we each bring our own strengths to this dynamic group of animal defenders and warriors:

Cyndy: She is the backbone of the company. She keeps us uplifted and going when the not so great days outweigh the good ones. 

Emily:  She is the brains of the group.  There isn’t a problem she can’t solve with a few minutes of quiet time on the back porch watching the kidz play. 

Holly:  She is our cat whisperer. She speaks a language that the felines just want to dance to. Feral or a couch potato she will have them snuggling in no time.

Jessica: She is our go to for everything technology related. She has forgotten more than we will know about all this fancy technology, websites, phones and social media. 

Angela:  She helps out with animal care and technology.

Laura: The one who needs beauty sleep and doesn’t get it. Always ready for the midnight rescue whether she is in pajamas or actually dressed.

Adoption Fees


We do not ever charge adoption fees no matter the amount of financial support needed to get the fur baby healthy.

Amount of discount we receive from Vet & Box stores:

Zero, zilch, nada. We do NOT get a discount on veterinary care, feed, or pet supplies from the major suppliers.



Please ask us about these 2 beautiful cats and 6 kittens.  These babies are not in our rescue but we will be happy to put you in contact with their care takers.  


Sur has a new mommy. Please keep watch there is a pit bull needing a home.  We will give more details as soon as we have them.  


These 2 lovely ladies are mother & daughter.  They need a home together. Momma is 30 years old and daughter is 18.  Momma deserves to retire and hang out but the “baby” has been professionally trained to ride. I would suggest a 30 day tune up with a trainer only because of time hanging in the pasture. They are both loving and want to be in your pocket. 


Brighton is a 4 year old holland lop.  He has been well loved and hand raised.  The newest member to the family is allergic so Brighton needs a home.    



Taz is an American Mastiff.  He is current with vaccines and neutered.  He is shy at first but once he trusts you it’s a laugh a minute.  He loves to play.  He does like some but not all dogs.  


James is a Neapolitan Mastiff. He is current with vaccines and neutered.  He has under gone 3 months of heart worm treatment.  He needs a home where he can rest while he goes through the remainder of the heart worm treatment. James will steal your heart, he is so loving and so excited to see you come home.  We are still working on his weight but he is improving.  


Please ask us about the animals that our not currently in our rescue.  There are plenty more animals that need homes that we can not possibly fit into our rescue.  We desperately wants to find homes for these darlings. We will gladly put you in contact with their current care takers.


This is a wild duck and not meant to be raised in captivity.  We do not make a habit of removing wild animals from their environment however this little guy needed a helping hand.  Please meet Mr. Waddles.  A precious, loving, good samaritan family found Mr. Waddles.  They did their best to reunite him with his family however Momma duck wasn’t having it.  The home we are looking for already has a pond and other ducks so Mr. Waddles can live his life wild & free.


If you shop amazon and wish to donate to us then please switch to: When you switch to Smile Amazon, then choose us as your non-profit. Amazon will donate to our non-profit when you shop. It doesn’t cost you anything !


We are working night and day to help save every animal that crosses our path. We are also trying to support our community by providing supplies needed to families who may need a little extra support with their fur baby. Please help us to help them.

Upgrades we are making

                    We are upgrading and adding more so we can provide the utmost care for the fur babies.

                      It is a work in progress, goes to show there are more chores than time in the day. We are adding a swimming / therapy pool. This way our pups can either have fun or do water therapy after surgery. 

With Thanks

Thank you so much to for their continued donations to the rescue. Our dogs can go for walks in style.

Thank you so much to Pet Wellbeing for the generous donation of supplements to help our fur babies.

Thank you to Smile Amazon and all of those customers who purchase through Smile Amazon

Thank you Shed Movers for supporting us before we were “famous”. Without yall there wouldn’t be an us. For all your shed & carport needs contact:

Thank you to Nylabone for keeping our kidz happy with cookies.

Thank you to individuals using Amazon give back box.

Financial Assistance

Are you in need of help for your fur-baby? Are times tough and you need to decide to keep or rehome your fur-baby? Reach out to us, we may be able to provide assistance. Please text Laura at 407-276-6927


Paws, hooves and Halos is a 501c3 NON-Profit organization. Meaning, our animals are rescued because of the generous donations of others. We are always in need of donations!


Have you lost a beloved fur baby? Do you need someone to cry with you, we will gladly give any support we can through your pain.  Our legal disclaimer:  we are NOT mental health professionals.  Who we are is a group of pet parents who all lost someone very special !!!  We truly understand your pain and suffering.  We can’t fix it, we can’t bring back the baby, but we can cry, scream and punch a pillow with you until you feel better. 

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